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Best Santa Barbara Wineries

Best Santa Barbara Wineries

Are you a wine lover and you are planning on having a trip to Santa Barbara or looking at having your next vacation there? Santa Barbara is a city located on the central California coast. Santa Barbara is a wine-centric city which is one of the reasons why people love to travel there. For the next time you find yourself in Santa Barbara and you need to treat yourself to good and exotic wines, we will take you on a tour with this post to the best wineries where you can find the best Santa Barbara wines;

Municipal Winemakers

Municipal winemakers are one of the best Santa Barbara wineries. This winery is a creation of David Potter, he produces wine for one of the largest commercial vines in Santa Barbara. They have different flavors and good quality wines at reasonable prices that will blow your mind. They have selected the Bright White and the Bright Red wines to be a part of their wine cask. Municipal winemakers concentrate on making wine tasting enjoyable for you. The environment is quite casual and beachy for a funky wine tasting experience.

Bridlewood Estate Winery

Bridlewood estate winery is located a short drive from the center of Los Olivos in the Sant Ynez valley. They provide you with distinct California’s central coast wine. It is a perfect spot for holding your picnics. When looking for the perfect central coast grape wine of quality standard, Bridlewood winery is where you should visit. They focus on wines that are Santa Barbara expressive such as some top-notch Syrahs, Rhone Blends and Pinot Noirs from local vineyards. They have a large tasting room that is well staffed for their visitors’ convenience.

Foxen Winery

Foxen wineries are known for their exceptional blend of wines. They make high quality and exceptional white wines and red wines. They have two tasting rooms, the original tasting room is at 7200 Foxen Canyon Road and a new Solar powered modern tasting room in the Santa Maria Valley. This winery is where you find varieties like Cabernet Franc, Chenin Blanc, Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Sangiovese and many other best Santa Barbara wines.

Brander winery

Brander vineyard holds an inviting and refreshing atmosphere to enjoy the best Santa Barbara wines. They make excellent white wines and red wines, especially the Sauvignon Blanc and the Cabernet Sauvignon. Brander’s Le Cul De Refugio white wine is absolutely refreshing and suitable for a hot day. Their hostesses are incredibly warm and approachable. Brander is a good place for delicious and affordable wines.

Fess Parker Winery

This is one of the best Santa Barbara wineries. Fess Parker winery focus on delivering wines of the highest quality to their consumers. The environment is cozy as it is surrounded by vineyard and pastureland making it a beautiful and wonderful place to enjoy world-class wine at Santa Barbara wine country. Aside from the comfortable tasting room, they have options for private tasting. Fess Parker is a perfect winery for best Santa Barbara wines.

Rusack winery and vineyard

Rusack Vineyards have a reputation for their exotic red wines especially Pinot Noir & Syrah which are part of the best Santa Barbara wines to enjoy while in Santa Barbara. They craft their wines using estate grapes & locally sourced varietals. Rusack is a casual and down to earth place with exceptionally good service. Their winery, tasting room and picnic spot is top notch with friendly and informative hostesses.

These best Santa Barbara wineries will help you to have a fantastic and relaxing touring experience by exposing you a variety of vibrant wines. This list will guide you to the best wineries to get the best Santa Barbara wines.

The best places to visit in Santa Barbara

The best places to visit in Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara is in California. It is one of the most stylish towns with attractive architecture and a spectacular palm-lined waterfront. The city built again after a major earthquake destroyed most of the buildings. It was made in a Spanish Colonial style resulting in the lovely architecture seen today. Santa Barbara is an uncomplicated city to explore. There are excellent museums, wild animals in the zoo, shopping malls everywhere and while exploring the different attractions, you might see whales leap from the ocean. Here are some of the best places to visit while in Santa Barbara.

Stearns Wharf
Stearns Wharf has spectacular views of the harbour and beaches. It is situated in downtown Santa Barbara and backed by the Santa Ynez Mountains. This Wharf has shops, restaurants, and the Sea Center. Here you can enjoy seafood lunches or stroll around with ice-cream. It is a great place to practice your fishing skills at the end of the pier.

Mission Santa Barbara
As the city’s most iconic landmark founded in 1786, enjoyed for its graceful beauty and lovely setting. This complex has a Roman temple façade, twin towers, a museum with art pieces and many artefacts.

Santa Barbara Zoo
The Santa Barbara Zoo is on a stunning hilltop overlooking the Pacific Ocean. The Zoo boasts lush gardens and unusual places to stroll around. An impressive variety of animals can be found here, like lions, Condors, gorillas and snow leopards.

Santa Barbara Museum of Art
An impressive collection of art, classical antiquities and photography can be found here. It has a fantastic children’s gallery and hosts excellent travelling exhibitions.


Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History and the Sea Center
The museum has two campuses: The Mission Canyon campus, and Sea Center on Stearns Wharf. A life-size 72-foot blue whale skeleton is at the entrance to the Mission Canyon campus. You will find a mammal hall, the Gladwin Planetarium with exhibitions on space exploration and a lovely woodland nature trail.

Lotusland is one of the most beautiful gardens in the world. This garden boasts of sculptures, contorted cactus, spiky cycads and lotus flowers decorate the former swimming pool.

Paseo Nuevo and State Street Shopping
Paseo Nuevo is a beautiful outdoor shopping mall that hosts boutiques, stores and cafes line the paved walkways. It is fun to walk here, and amazing to eat at the restaurants on the pavements.

Santa Barbara Maritime Museum and the Santa Barbara Harbor
This museum pays tribute to the city’s rich maritime history. It features spectacular exhibits of surfing, fishing and diving equipment, model ships and other beautiful collections.

Whale Watching Tours
In Santa Barbara, you can join cruises to have a front-row seat while watching whales breach from the ocean. Other wildlife such as sea lions, orcas and dolphins show themselves as well. We have shared some of the best places to visit in Santa Barbara and hope our readers will have the opportunity to visit them one day soon.