Santa Barbara, California was found to be the seventh most expensive city for living in the world, according to Business Insider’s 2018 study. Yet, these results are not so surprising. Santa Barbara is known as the American Riviera, featuring stunning landscapes. Moreover, it is a great place for living with a comfortable climate, quality health care system, educational opportunities, and a crime rate lower than the national level. Numerous attractions make this area attractive to tourists. Santa Barbara provides a fairytale spirit on the cultural crossroad.

Another attribute to the reputation of the space are luxury real estate offers. Below we have gathered a list of 10 most prominent houses and lands with the essential information for each of them. The most expensive Santa Barbara real estate is an initial $125 million worth Rancho San Carlos. The 2014 price when the estate first appeared on the market is now lowered down to $85 million.

With 237 acres of land, this property includes many buildings. Aside from the main area with 30 rooms, 12 bedrooms, 10 bathrooms, and many more, there are 10 cottages for guests and employee accommodation, along with an office building. It is a colonial-style residence that dates back to 1931 when it was planned by the renowned architect of the area, Reginald Johson.

Located on the hilltop, just 17 miles away from the Santa Barbara downtown area and 90 miles away from Los Angeles city center, it has a perfect location. The owners of the property were Charles H. Jackson and Marcia Ann Gavit, both with the wealthy inheritance of their grandfathers. Charles was the grandnephew of a President, Chester A. Arthur, while Marcia was a granddaughter of Anthony Brady, a famous businessman who passed $14 million on his granddaughter at the age of 8. A couple built this mansion in 1931 and the family has owned it ever since.

The property is unique in style, build in stone, equipped in wood. All over the property residents can enjoy various fruit trees, plants, and greenery. There is a courtyard in the center, with the housing surrounding it. There is a secret pub located down the hallway connecting library and the living room. The hidden staircase leads to an English Whisky pub as the mansion was built in the Prohibition era. Alongside this, there is an underground badminton court.

Whole house breaths in the spirit of the 90s. Movie-like library with wooden shelves, furniture, and a fireplace; dining where family set up original walls from their 1920 property in Britain makes this Santa Barbara house a special experience worth its fortune. As Jackson loved horses, there is a huge horse stable as well. With all of its properties, the mention owners pay $78,636 in taxes each year.

The second most expensive Santa Barbara real estate is 1800 acres Las Varas Ranch. The first listed price for this luxury property is $108 million. Made in the Spanish style, with 2 miles of oceanfront, this house has its own sandy beach and lake. With a common name ‘’Neverland’’, this Santa Barbara house is worth $100 million. Sycamore Valley Ranch used to be home to the epic entertainer and pop star, Michel Jackson. Within 2698 acres it features six bedrooms and nine bathrooms. It is a French-style mansion, with a private swimming pool, theater, and sports court.

Santa Ynez Mountain foothills is a magnificent Santa Barbara real estate worth $77 million. It is a 340-acre property that was once owned by Herry E Bothin. House prides itself on an amazing ocean and island view, along with waterfalls and fountains in the yard. In the Gaviota area, there is another unique Santa Barbara house. Spanish-style mansion spread on the 214 acres of land, it features nine guest residences and the main house. Moreover, there is a private beach and equestrian facilities.

Worth $49,7 million, known by the Jewel of West and several other names, is a 264,49 acre Santa Barbara land. It is listed as one of the four most beautiful land properties in the United States. It is located over the oceanfront, featuring privet, sandy beach, and a breath-taking view. Rancho Latigo, an equestrian dream estate spreads on 4,674 acres in the Santa Ynez Mountain area. With a swimming pool, spa, and horse facilities, this ranch is worth $45 million.

Montecito features a Mediterranean-style expression of elegancy within 12,916 square feet. It has an exceptional outdoors on the hillside. With 6 bedrooms and eight bathrooms, spa, and swimming pool, this timeless property is bringing you back to the old movies for 27,9 million US dollars. In between the mountains and sea lies a modern style ranch masterpiece in the Santa Barbara area. It was build and designed in 2015, by the Warner Group of Montecito. Glassed walls offer a panoramic view od the ocean. The household features a specious recreational setting with a swimming pool, spa, tennis court, theater, 3 saltwater aquariums, and a rose garden. Regardless of the preferences, everyone can find something to enjoy and relax with on this 10,143 square feet ranch. Currently, it is worth $27,5 million, but the rise is expected in the future.

Legacy Estate in Montecito is a $22 million mansion. In the every corner of this unique looking house there is a stunning ocean view. The quality construction is ornated with beautiful tiles and antique-style finishes. Designed in 2016, it features offices, a gym, theater, and a recording studio- everything a 21st-century family could possibly need and more. On the outside, there is a soccer field within a set of ancient oaks. In a variety of architectural styles, unique histories, and options, each of the mansions we listed is a value for money. Whether you like modern and simple construction or a bit of rustic breath, you would find an option to suit your taste. However, before you fall in love with them, consider if your budget supports the luxury of Santa Barbara properties.