Santa Barbara Building Heights are Going Up
Santa Barbara housing projects have been dense, but about building high, there have been some reservations. Recently, Santa Barbara City Council decided that the residential height limit must be increased from 45 feet to 48 feet. It means that you will see some new five-story residential buildings in your neighborhood. The height limit for the residential buildings and apartments has been 45 feet for a long time, but the increasing demand for residential spaces require authorities to accommodate more and more residents in the current buildings and apartments.

There was a long debate in Santa Barbara City Council about the approval of the new law of the height limit. Many Santa Barbara real estate developers voted in favor of the new height limit because they think that Santa Barbara house owners deserve tall buildings and a beautiful community. The average unit-size density incentive ordinance was approved in 2013, and the Santa Barbara City Council has been looking for ways to make some recommended changes in the law. This new law resulted in the construction of 220 new residential units by Santa Barbara’s real estate developers. The rent of Santa Barbara’s house or apartment in these new projects is also high. Now, there is a debate about whether these new housing projects will meet the requirements and the needs of the working class or not.

The Santa Barbara City Council has also asked the developers to build at least five housing building with 10% below market inclusionary residential rent. Adding three feet to the maximum height limit for residential buildings will help the Santa Barbara real estate developers to offer better living and housing facilities for the local residents. There is huge pressure on Santa Barbara City Council by the real estate developers about allowing the construction of highly dense and tall buildings in the town.

But the council also needs to consider the consequences of passing the rule and limit the financial gains of the developers. It is a fact that Santa Barbara needs more housing, but it is also critical to maintaining the level of quality living. Authorities need to provide new housing projects for the people who really need new space, but it must be admitted that no matter how many new buildings are built, the demand for housing is going to increase anyway. The increasing rents will make the housing more difficult for the working class as the projection in rents makes these apartments out of reach for the people who can only afford below market rent.

The average renting cost of the one-bedroom one-bath unit house is almost $2500 per month, and that would require the person to earn almost $6000 per month. Are all people who are looking for such residential spaces have a monthly income of $6000?

As a result of the non-affordable residential units, outsiders will rent these houses and apartments. Authorities think they are building houses for the locals, but that’s not going to happen with this kind of rent projection.