Owned by Mansour Ojjeh, a shareholder of TAG and the owner of the McLaren Formula One team, this Santa Barbara house, named El Rancho Tajiguas, is one of the most expensive estates in the locality of Los Angeles. A few houses in the country can have a price as high as $110 million. Occupying the area of almost 3500 acres, this Santa Barbara house has everything that is needed for the luxurious life. From cattle farms to orchards, this estate will give you the thing of your choice at your disposal.

Until now no house can be sold in this area at this whopping price, so if its price stays at $110 million, it will be the most expensive property to be sold in the locality. Rancho San Carlos was the most expensive property in Santa Barbara, with worth $125 million, but it’s worth was declined to $85 million at the time of sale.  Similarly, a 22000 feet house was sold for $35 million as its initial price of $45 million declined.

Another most luxurious house in the country was owned once by Ronald and Nancy Regan and was listed for sale at the price of $245 million and was the most expensive house in the whole country.

Features of Santa Barbara house:
The Santa Barbara house has a stunning scenic ocean view with every luxury present in it.

It is one of the few private ranches on the coast. The seller had to wait for permission for almost five years to make the houses at the property location. Anyone who buys this property will also get a herd of nearly 120 cattle. Not only this, but the property also contains orchard having the 285 acres dedicated for avocados and 12 acres for persimmons.

With its adobe-style walls, tiled floors, and beamed ceilings, both houses have no parallel in the beautiful architecture. With a separate wine storage room and a well-managed kitchen, these houses have everything you could imagine. Not only this, but there are special movie theaters and laundry rooms present in the houses. There are 10 bedrooms and 21 bathrooms in these houses. With hilltop estates facing the ocean and a phenomenal scenery all around, this Santa Barbara real estate has wonderful agricultural land around it with vast parks.

With its unparalleled beauty, flawless architecture, perfect engineering applications in the design, and unique quality construction material, this estate is setting new standards in the real estate business.

Furthermore, its huge water reservoirs, along with its fertilization facilities, this property has also a dedicated space available for crop storage. This Santa Barbara real estate property has a separate space for Rangeland of almost 1100 acres and can have the cow-calf operation of nearly 200 animals. The two houses named Villa del Mare and Villa del Costa are located in the area of 287 and 106 acres, respectively. The houses are fully fenced, and its antique tiles are imported from Spain and Portugal.

In a nutshell, the property has everything that one could ask for and is the most expensive estate in Los Angeles. With the phenomenal features mentioned above, it would not be any surprise if it would be sold at this whopping price of $110 million.