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Santa Barbara offers a wide range of local wineries, fine dining, and upscale shops. Among those attractions, the city also has many medical and recreational cannabis dispensaries. So, if you are looking to purchase cannabis in Santa Barbara, these dispensaries will cover all your needs.

Following are the top 10 cannabis dispensaries in Santa Barbara:

  • The Farmacy

Located on 128 W Mission St, The Farmacy offers wide range of cannabis products for wellness, health, and social connection. The dispensary strives to deliver natural and enriching experiences in a welcoming environment. The dispensary is highly recommended for new cannabis users. The Farmacy accepts debit transactions and cash payments.

  • Coastal Dispensary
cannabis products

Established in 2019, Coastal Dispensary provides premium cannabis products to encourage embracing and encouraging healthy, happy lifestyles. Located on 1019 Chapala Street, this dispensary is one of the first Santa Barbara adult-use recreational cannabis dispensaries.

They have several dispensaries throughout central and southern California, but their flagship store is situated in Santa Barbara.

  • Pot Valet

Established in 2014, Pot Valet offers the safest, the best, and the most convenient cannabis delivery in Santa Barbara and its surrounding areas. Pot Valet excels at delivering cannabis products directly to your door for free. So, you don’t need to visit the dispensary to cover your medical or recreational cannabis needs.

  • Cali Cannabis Express
cannabis products

If you are looking for medical cannabis in Santa Barbara and want to buy them from a professional, reliable, and safe supplier, then Cali Cannabis Express is a recommended choice for you. Established in 2011, the dispensary operates in compliance with the state laws of California and provides overnight cannabis delivery service to customers across the state.

  • Santa Barbara Collective

Located on 2609 De La Vina St, Santa Barbara Collective offers a full line of cannabis products that are 100% safe and lab tested. They encourage you to visit the dispensary if you are not sure what to buy to cover your cannabis-related needs. Members of the dispensary get many advantages such as the ability to order online, get discounts, arrange for Express Pick-Up, and more.

  • The Canopy Health and Wellness Center
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Located on 118 N Milpas St, The Canopy Health and Wellness Center is a renowned cannabis dispensary in Santa Barbara that strives to educate the cannabis lovers how different types of cannabis products effect individuals differently. They can help you choose the right cannabis product for your needs. High quality products and lower prices are the key advantages of buying cannabis from this dispensary.

  • Santa Barbara Greenland Deliveries

Santa Barbara Greenland Deliveries is the longest operating medical marijuana delivery service in Santa Barbara as they have been in business since 2011. Although they don’t have a store location to visit, SB Greenland Deliveries can cover all your medical cannabis needs by providing an affordable and high-quality cannabis delivery service.

  • Blue Coast Farms

Blue Coast Farms is another top Santa Barbara cannabis dispensary that offers wide variety of cannabis products. They strive to provide an outstanding delivery service for cannabis in Santa Barbara and they focus primarily on CBD and wellness. All the products they offer are top notch and feature reasonable pricing.

  • THC

THC delivers high quality medical cannabis products to qualifying patients in Santa Barbara. Their wide range of products include concentrates, edibles, vapes, and more. THC is renowned in the city for their friendly, knowledgeable staff and their prompt delivery service.

cannabis products
  • Finddankweed

Established in 2015, Finddankweed is not really a dispensary. It is basically a dispensary finder for both medical and recreational cannabis. Their site contains a lot of information about cannabis-related topics as well as a useful directory for cannabis businesses that can help you find reliable yet affordable dispensaries in various states of California.