A quality rug can bring together an entire room and help make a house feel like a home. There are many places in Santa Barbara that feature an amazing selection of rugs at reasonable prices. You can find rugs on sale in any color, shape, or size thanks to these stores.

Following are the top 10 Santa Barbara places to buy rugs:

  • Noorsher Furniture & Rugs
santa barbara rugs

This is a family rug business that sells hand-knotted rugs of fine quality. The rugs on sale here are made in countries such as Pakistan, Iran, India, and Afghanistan. The staff of Noorsher Furniture & Rugs is friendly and stands for trustworthy and honest relationship with customers. This is the primary reason this store is on the list of top 10 Santa Barbara places to buy rugs.

  • Rugs & More

Rugs & More offers a variety of rug collections that are designed for homes of different styles. The founder of the store Michael Kourosh has a network of experienced international designers. There is nothing he cannot create. His talent is evident in the wide range of designs and retail rewards bestowed upon Rugs & More.

  • Santa Barbara Design Center

This store offers the biggest selection of rugs in Santa Barbara. The rugs on sale here are hand woven from the highest quality materials available. Their rug selection includes all designs and sizes imaginable, from the modern Moroccan and Tibetan weaves to the best antique collection available. Because of such a huge collection, this store is on the list of top 10 Santa Barbara places to purchase rugs.

  • Tribal Rugs & Art

Tribal Rugs & Art is a world of antique rugs and more from Persia and Afghanistan. The store specializes in offering century-old kilim rugs of every size and color palette. Elegant and beautiful, the walls and floors of the store are lined with wide range of affordable rugs.

  • Aga John Oriental Rugs

Aga John Oriental Rugs has been in the business for many years. Their relationships with the world’s best weavers allow them to provide the highest quality yet affordable handmade rugs. The sales staff of Aga John Oriental Rugs has extensive knowledge that ensures that you make an educated decision in your selection of antique and new rugs.

  • Summerland Oriental Rugs

Summerland Oriental Rugs is a very interesting place that has several rooms full of a wide variety of rugs from around the globe, including rugs from countries like China, Afghanistan, Persia, etc. The rugs on sale here are made from cotton, silk, or wool. Shaw, the owner of the store, is well-respected in the industry and treats the customers well.

  • Simply Rugs

Simply Rugs is another top rug store in Santa Barbara. One of the best things about this store is that they provide customers any kind of rug to suit their specific needs. You can save your money and time when buying by simply telling the staff your choice of rug design, pattern, and color.

  • Area Rug Factory

Having trouble finding an area rug in the right shape, color, or size? Then Area Rug Factory is the recommended place for you. This place makes it easy to get what you want. Area Rug Factory has a large clearance showroom that offers a huge selection of quality samples. Simply choose the samples to make sure that they work for you and the staff will show you the rug that will suit your needs and preferences.

  • Carpeteria Carpet One of Santa Barbara

Visit Carpeteria Carpet One of Santa Barbara to view the largest selection of in-stock rolls of rugs in the area. You can find any kind of rug in any design, shape, and size at an affordable price in this place.

  • Holland Rugs

At Holland Rugs, you will see rugs that aren’t available anywhere else. This is because the store specializes in offering one of a kind rugs that can help you capture the look that you specifically want. Apart from contemporary and modern rugs, there are classic rugs available for sale here as well.