It is a western vintage town where visitors get to enjoy a numerous foods from the various restaurants. Apart from the good food, Santa Ynez alos has wine tasting for the wine lovers as well as visiting wineries. Below are top 10 wineries in Santa Ynez.

Barbieri Winery 
It is managed by a master sommelier who decided to start his own winery after getting 20 years of experience. Barbieri winery is located in Los Olivos and has a storefront tasting room with a large tasting as well as great cheese collection to go with the wine. The tasting room has a simple design and you can only concentrate on the wine tasting. It is one of the best wineries in Santa Ynez with its high-quality wines that have been made with valor making them strong and distinct from other wines. You can spend an afternoon enjoying the wine while savoring the relaxed surroundings.
Firestone Vineyard and Winery

This is the first Santa Ynex vine planted in 1970s by Harvey Firestone’ an entrepreneur. Firestone Vineyard is for the people who prefer Rosé as it has a crispy energizing, having fresh aromas and a taste of strawberry, raspberry watermelon as well as violet with a hint of sweetness, so you can enjoy a picnic on the Firestone vineyard while enjoyinh your favorite drink.

Fess Parker Winery
The winery has extensive lands and fine-looking views and was founded by the late Fess parker who was a famous actor. Visitors can treat themselves to wine tasting of Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Viognier and Syrah. Visitors can also spend the night in the lavish Fess Parker Country Inn.

Buttonwood Farm Winery and Vineyard
It is a delightful winery with a 39-acre vineyard which was initially a horse farm that sold organic produce. It has beautiful scenery with a garden of flowers, fruit tress giving you a relaxed feeling. During wine tasting, you can try the Trevin red wine that has a sweet oak and vanilla notes blending with tobacco, ripened olive with hints of violet. The winery also has Hitching Post restaurant, there are delicious foods such as chicken and freshly cooked fish that will pair perfectly with Buttonwood Sauvignon.

Loring Wine Company
It has one of the best Pinot Noir in Santa Barbara County, it also has champagne and Chardonnay for its lovers respectively. During wine tasting, visitors are given cookies to accompany the tasting which is a very exciting experience as the two blends perfectly. The wine also goes really well with Manchego Walnut, Caramel cookies, Goat Cheese Gouda, Lemon pistachio as well as Cherry Almond. While in the Loring Wine Company, you can take a walk and have a look at the Ostrich farm from the winery; it is surely an exquisite view.

Brewer Cliton
Greg Brewer is the founder of the Brewer-Clifton winery and he had a vision of creating a world-class winery in California. It has combined a Californian and French style making it very unique. It has the richness; ancestry and influence of Sta.Rita Hills have become the trademark style that the winery is identified with. The winery has numerous estate holdings throughout the Sta.Rita hills and each vineyard has sustainable methods of production which aid in balancing the winery, vineyards and climate changes. Because of this the wines are able to show unique characteristics depending on the vineyard that produced them which include Machado, 3D Vineyard, Bhapgood and Acin.

Andrew Murray Vineyards
It has been voted one of the best wineries that you can visit in the United States. It has a “Rhone Zone” tasting flight with varietals such as Syrah and Grenache that have been highly-rated by some wine critics. The winery also offers Glass Tour that involves continuous wine tasting; visitors are also given an hour’s tour into the winery where they get to see the tank room, crash pad, Library as well as the Member’s lounge. There are other tasting rooms located in Los Olivos.

Roblar winery
The winery is located on a 40-acre vineyard in the center of Santa Barbara County and has a country, original and valiant look. The aim of the wine is to provide a great experience to the visitors through providing excellent wine, great with awesome friends. Roblar also has a tasting room that is 5000nsq.ft that has an indoor-outdoor fireplace, patio that is covered with trellis and extensive gardens. There is also a Potting shed for a big group of visitors or members neighboring the Roblar herb garden. The Barrel room has a banquet table give out of the world dining experiences.

Lucas and Lewellen
The winery is Danish-inspired and is a home to one of the leading vineyards called the Valley View Vineyard. There is a tasting room that is dedicated to Lucas and Lewellen wines in addition to other platforms that showcases the winery’s Italian varietal wines from the Toccata label. Since the beginning, the vineyard has strived to produce quality and yet pocket friendly wines for its customers; because of this it has a lot of loyal customers making it more successful.

Melville Winery Tasting Room
It is situated on the edge of Funk Zone in the Hotel California; the winery has well-groomed surroundings where visitors can enjoy their snacks along with a glass of wine. The winery focuses on producing purely estate-grown, handmade Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Syrah. The Melville environment is very welcoming with wine that truly represents the Sta.Rita Hills. Visitors can have picnics while savoring the beautiful views that the Melville offers.