There is no doubt to say that Emerald Triangle at California is one of the most popular farming regions of the state and another big name in the list is Coachella valley, that is known for massive indoor farms. But the surprising fact is that in a recent study, Santa Barbara wine County topped the list of California’s largest licensed cannabis cultivator by leaving both these regions behind.

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From past few years, Santa Barbara is being known for its historic Spanish missions, luxury coastal mansions and as a cultured enclave. But now it is gaining more popularity for being the largest farming region for the growth of cannabis in the licensed and legal era.

Note that, if we consider the average amount of produce, Humboldt County in the northern California tops in the list with its millions of secluded farms but when we talk in terms of licenses issued, Santa Barbara cannabis is the clear winner in the California weed industry. That is why Santa Barbara has easy access to the consumer market in Southern California as well. People value it more as the largest legal producer of cannabis; hence, the market value of sellers at Santa Barbara is naturally high.

Santa Barbara, the central coast county ranks 13th in the list of 58 different counties of California for producing highest agricultural output. And it is on number one for issuing highest number of permits for legal growth of cannabis. If we look at the stats, Santa Barbara wine County granted 1437 cultivation licenses in the area to 96 operators whereas the allowed area for cultivation was somewhere around 345 acres. County officials recently revealed that around 196 acres of land is currently occupied for cannabis production out of which 46 acres form mixed light greenhouses and rest 150 acres include outdoor farming lands.

Cannabis Wine

The county has more than 4,50,000 residents where supervisors last year approved very flexible cultivation rules for Santa Barbara cannabis. Currently, there are no license limits or acreage caps for individual farms. Recently, around 61.5% of voters approved Prop 64, and as a result, supervisors have made decisions about unrestricted growth of licensed farms in direct proportion to the cannabis market. At present, many cannabis growers even have lesser cannabis cultivation land than what their permit allows.

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One of the prime reasons for the extensive growth of cannabis at Santa Barbara wine county is the favorable geographical location. Note that, there is no strict limit over canopy size and at the same time, it is possible to find numbers of agricultural workers in the area. It is observed that all elements in favor of the huge growth of Santa Barbara cannabis. You can easily find several cannabis products in the market with Santa Barbara label, and buyers are always happy to pick such collections to ensure top quality production. The cannabis cultivators in the area are able to find great opportunities to generate more profits from this magnificently growing industry.